SeaMoss Gels

SeaMoss Gels

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Please check with health care provider if currently on any thyroid medications BEFORE purchasing and consuming seamoss do to its highly concentrated amounts of iodine.


Natures Multi-vitamin Containing on average 92 out of 102 minerals (some strains contain 99) that we need for optimal daily functioning. Those who consume less fruits and vegetables report higher energy level increases with seamoss over those with pretty rainbow filled diets. Results vary and not currently regulated or approved by the FDA.


Ingredients - WILD CAUGHT St. Lucia Gold OR Jamaican Purple Seamoss,

Key Lime Soak and drain, then blended with Alkaline Spring Water, and option fruit of choice less than 1/4 cup per order and 1.5 tbsp agave for fruit blends.

  • Directions

    Keep refrigerated its a perishable food item. Fruit Blends last 7-10 days, Plain last 3 weeks in the fridge. For extended shelf life you may freeze in jar or silicone ice tray for 6 months.

    take 1-2 spoonfuls daily for best results. 


    Sorry Food Items are non refundable but if damaged during shipping with eamil picture proof may be replaced. All other items clothing and fitness gear have a return policy of 14 days


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